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Do venture to Vondelpark. Amsterdam’s answer to New York’s Central Park, is as much a part of the city as the coffee shops and canals. The park – a playground for people from all walks of life – is named after the poet and playwright Joost van del Vondel who died in 1679.

Regardless of whether you want to relax and read a book, rollerblade, fly kites or share a spliff with friends – you can do it all in this popular park.

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Biking in Amsterdam is a quintessentially Dutch experience and by far the most popular (and most efficient) form of getting around. But Amsterdam’s frenzied flow of traffic and confusing streets can intimidate visitors on two wheels. Before you hop on your cruiser, read some tips for keeping you and your bike safe.

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Head for the Beach… no need to leave the city. Urban beaches are a new and rapidly growing phenomenon in Amsterdam. With some ten city beaches – including one atop the towering science centre NEMO overlooking the city – Amsterdam offers a refreshing twist on the traditional sun and sand experience during the summer, while maintaining all the perks of big city culture.

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